Mostly Other People Do The Killing – “Paint” (Hot Cup Records, 2017)

“Paint” is the new modern jazz album released this year by “Hot Cup Records”. The album was recorded by bassist Moppa Elliott, drummer Kevin Shea and pianist Ron Stabinsky. These three musicians are experienced and famous jazz musicians. Their composing and improvising style has its own and individual manner and unique sound. They had form a trio “Mostly Other People Do The Killing” in 2002. Since then the ensemble had released many interesting and extraordinary albums  – “Forty Fort”, “This Is Our Moosic”, “Blue”, “Hanover” and many others. The ensemble improvisations are full of different jazz styles elements masterly and effectively combined in one composition. Avant-garde jazz, bebop, post-bop, hard bop and some of traditional jazz and swing elements are fused together in their improvisations. All musicians have a remarkable and marvelous ability to subtle twist together different music styles and elements which are absolutely different from each other. Their improvisations have creative, dynamic and vivacious sound.

Album improvisations have original and gentle sound. Avant-garde jazz elements are twisted together wwith various modern and traditional jazz styles. Swing, wild fast bebop and haard-bop solos, collective free jazz improvisations, dynamic and active rhythmic, interesting and sharp harmony, inventive musical decisions and spontaneous improvising – these are the main elements that form the basement of these compositions. Pianist Ron Stabinsky improvisations are full of expressive and gorgeous solos, wild fast arpeggios, interesting harmony chords which mostly have sharp sound, dynamic and constantly changing rhythmic. These active, furious and spontaneously created episodes are gently combined with lyrical, peaceful and still improvisations. Lyrical piano and bass improvisations have very soft and restful sound, are based on slow temp, relaxing harmony chords, swing and other traditional jazz styles elements. The piano improvisations are the most heard solos of the album. It also highly effects the sound of improvisations, create interesting and dynamic sound. Bassist Moppa Elliott compositions are based on subtle and silent improvisations. Separate timbres, weird sounds, colorful and memorable melodies gently fit with piano and drums. Kevin Shea drums and percussion improvisations also are created spontaneously and free/ It has many different rhythms and rhythmic formulas masterful twisted together. Dynamic, aženergetic and active rhythmic is sometimes changed with monotonic and static rhythms which are the main elements of traditional jazz styles espacially swing. The musicians also try out many different playing techniques – pizzicato, spicato, vibrato, glissando, wild fast arpeggios and many other playing techniques bring more colorful and gorgeous sound to the improvisations. The mood of the compositions also is constantly changing – from active, energetic and vivacious solos it suddenly gets to lyrical, soft and slow improvisations with resful and peaceful sound. This change of moods and characters also make these compositions to sound more interesting and dynamic. Gorgeous, marvelous and inventive improvising, masterful combination of different jazz styles, inventive musical experiments and many other elements create splendid and effective sound of this album.

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