Molly Gebrian/Danny Holt – “Trios For Two” (Innova Records, 2017)

Danny Holt and Molly Gebrian: Trios for Two

“Trios For Two” is the new contemporary academic music album which was released by “Innova Recordings” on September 22. The compositions by various interesting contemporary music composers are recorded in this album. Casey Cangelosi, Karl Blench, Daniel Corral, Christopher Goddard, Ingrid Lee and Chiayu – all these composers had written various compositions for viola, piano and percussion. Their composing styles are based on different music styles and elements, vital and vivacious playing. Different kind of moods and characters are masterly combined here. Minimalism, post-romantism, modernism, academic avant-garde and expresionism elements are marvelously blended together in their compositions. These composers are interesting and evocative musicians. They always try to expand from the traditional sound, instruments comfort zone and extract colorful and unusual timbres and noises. The album compositions were recorded by Molly Gebrian (viola) and Danny Holt (piano, percussion). Both musicians are famous in contemporary academic music scene. Their live, expressive, dynamic and vital playing make original and interesting compositions sound, reveals the main elements of composers musical language style.

The album compositions are based on different musical expressions and styles combinations. Casey Cangelosi composition “Theatric No.8” is highky effected by minimalism elements. Composer try out many different extended playing techniques, use simple and ordinary musical expressions. Her musical language and pattern of the composition is formed with minimalism and various contemporary music styles combination – repetitive and monotonous rhythmic, melodic elements, simple harmony based on traditional chords and other minimalism elements are connected with expresionism and neoromantism elements. Karl Blench composition “Second Take” is quite different from the first one album composition. Composiiton have 5 parts. Each part has its own and unique character, independent and interesting melodies, expressive chords and sudden stylistic turns. The composer’s musical language is formed with wide range of different musical expressions, extended playing techniques and music styles. Academic avant-garde, experimental music and various modernism styles are combined in this composition. Playful, expressive or vivacious episodes are mixed with melancholic, lyric, dramatic or very solemn episodes. Different moods are changing one after each other very fast and sudden, so this music is full of unpredictable surprises and sudden stylistic changes. Daniel Corral “Ultramarine” is very similar to “Second Take”. It’s also is very active and energetic. The composer masterly combines together extraordinary instruments  timbres, dramatic viola melodies, energetic piano solos and wide range of percussion elements. Christopher Goddard “Third Nature” is a solemn and silent composition. Quiet, very still and subtle viola solos suddenly grow to expressive arpeggios, energetic drum rolls and colorful piano solos. The main mood of the composition is lyrical and dramatic, mixed with some energetic and vivacious episodes. The composer also try out different playing techniques, use wide range of musical expressions and other elements. Ingrid Lee “Nomentum” is based on subtle and silent sound. Extraordinary timbres, traditional and innovative playing techniques synthesis, high variety of expressions and music styles are the main elements of this composition. Academic avant-garde, experimental music and expresionism stylistic elements form the basement of this composition musical pattern. Unusual and free form, polyphonic structure and extraordinary musical decisions make interesting and innovative sound of this composition. Chia-yu Hsu composition “Black and White” has two parts. Different moods are changing each other very fast and dynamic. Solemn, silent and relaxing episodes are suddenly changed by expressive and dramatic pieces which are full of energetic solos, vivacious and unpredictable stylistic waves and extended playing techniques. All compositions of this album have innovative and interesting sound. It also demonstrate the main elements of contemporary academical music – modern music styles are connected with neoromantism, expresionism and other styles and are less or more effected by minimalism elements. This music is interesting, splendidly and expressive played by two experienced and talented music players.



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