Joe Morris – ULTRA (Fundacja Sluchaj, 2017)

“ULTRA” is a new avant-garde jazz album released by “Fundacja Slchaj!” this week, on October 23. The album was recorded by great avant-garde jazz masters – Joe Morris (guitars), Agusti Fernandez (piano), Tanya Kalmanowitch (violin, viola), Yasmine Azaiez (violin) Junko Fujiwara (cello). The musicians improvisations are usually based on free and spontaneous musical decisions, free and colorful playing, original and extravagant melodies, high variety of music styles, elements and expressions. The musicians are famous, experienced and creative avant-garde jazz masters. Their original, dynamic and interesting playing styles are masterfully and effectively connected together in one improvisation. Through the years of musical career these jazz masters had been improvising with numerous of other famous and extraordinary jazz players and legends. Dynamic improvising, innovative playing, interesting musical experiments are the main elements of their improvisations.

This album compositions are based on avant-garde jazz and academic avant-garde styles synthesis. Free form and structure, polyphony, independent melodies and rhythms, free and energetic collective improvisations are the main elements of these compositions. Violins, viola and cello melodies are full of extraordinary sounds, unusual timbres, colorful and dynamic stylistic turns, innovative playing techniques and other musical language expressions. These dynamic, interesting and colorful melodies effectively fit together with loud, strong and powerful piano solos, subtle and interesting guitar melodies. Special sound effects, extraordinary playing techniques, interesting and colorful background create energetic, active and very variable sound which is constantly changing. Guitarist Joe Morris melodies are full of various musical expressions, short melodic episodes, unusual timbres. He improvises spontaneosly and free, use extravagant and extraordinary musical decisions. The strings section is very solid and strong – it makes an effort to rich and dynamic album sound. Tanya Kalmanowitch, Yasmine Azalez and Junko Fujiwara improvisations are very colorful and based on powerful sound, unusual timbres and numerous of different playing techniques. Glissando, portato, staccato, pizzicato and many other traditional, very well-known playing techniques are masterfully combined together with various shocking and innovative ways of playing. The musicians expand from the comfort zone of their instruments, extract wide range of different timbres, expressions and moods. Energetic, vital, lively, joyful episodes contain the main part of the album compositions. These episodes are mixed together with subtle and silent episodes, which are absolutely different. Agusti Fernandez piano melodies are unpredictable and based on sudden stylistic waves, wide range of rhythms, melodic elements and expressions. He try out stunning and shocking ways of playing, use monotonic and repetitive chords, change the mood and character of the compositions by combining together many different music styles and elements. This music has solid, intense and powerful sound for the most of the time. It’s based on avant-garde jazz and academic avant-garde elements, free and inventive experiments, sudden stylistic waves and powerful blasts of energy and intense sound. All these elements and creative improvising of all musicians create innovative and interesting sound of this album.


5 thoughts on “Joe Morris – ULTRA (Fundacja Sluchaj, 2017)”

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