Brandon Lopez, Chris Corsano, Sam Yulsman – “The Mess – Holy Holy” (Tombed Vision Records, 2017)

“The Mess – Holy Holy” is a new experimental jazz album which was released this month by “Tombed Vision Records”. Album was recorded by bassist Brandon Lopez, drummer Chris Corsano and pianist Sam Yulsman. These three musicians are talented and experienced jazz masters. Their improvisations are always full of spontaneous decisions, inventive playing techniques, innovative and free musical experiments. The musicians have their own playing style and expressive improvising manner. They had been improvising with numerous of other famous avant-garde jazz musicians. Brandon Lopez, Chris Corsano and Sam Yulsman are three demanding and interesting jazz masters which improvising is interesting, exciting and expressive. It’s a rare opportunity to hear these three jazz masters playing and improvising together.

Album improvisations are based on collective improvisation. There are many different music styles and expressions which form the basic of the musical pattern. Polyphonic form and structure, expressive and exciting melodies, interesting rhythmic, dynamic and innovative stylistic turns and waves, dissonance harmony are the main elements of these improvisations. Pianist Sam Yulsman try out different jazz styles and combines them into one composition. Avant-garde, various modern jazz styles are twisted together with some elements of swing and other traditional jazz styles. The pianist masterfully moves between free and creative musical experiments, wild fast arpeggios, swing jazz rhythmic and many other elements. His improvising is very interesting, spontaneous and exciting. Stunning and inventive musical decisions also are heard very much in all compositions. Chris Corsano and Brandon Lopez playing is very dynamic and constantly changing. They try out different playing techniques – various unusual and strange percussion sounds, noises and timbres create a colorful and expressive background of the improvisations. Bass improvisations have subtle and unpredictable sound – the melodies are full of wild fast arpeggios, pizzicato, glissando and other extended and traditional playing techniques masterfully twisted together. Wide range of colors, sounds, timbres and rhythms are heard in Brandon Lopez improvisations. Drummer’s Chris Corsano improvisations are very active and energetic, full of moody and interesting surprises, extended playing techniques and musical expressions. The most effective episodes of the album are collective improvisations by all three trio members. The adventurous and exciting conversation between drums, bass and piano is full of unpredictable and dynamic turns, strange timbres, interesting harmony and rhythmic and innovative musical experiments. Own and different improvisations by each trio musician are fused together in one composition. All different and independent melodies fit together very organically and masterfully. Own and unique improvising sound, free and expressive playing style by each musician is revealed in these compositions. The wide range of different music elements effects the mood and character. This music is very moody – sometimes it’s joyful, exciting and expressive, then it gets to be subtle and silent or suddenly turns out to energetic, powerful and loud episodes. Musicians demonstrate original and adventurous improvising which is based on free and spontaneous musical decisions and experiments. Wide range of music elements, outstanding and marvelous improvising create innovative and interesting sound of this album.

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