Aram Shelton / Grzegorz Tarwid / Tomo Jacobson / Håkon Berre – “Hopes and Fears” (Multikulti Project, 2017)

“Hopes and Fears” is the new album which will be released on October 23 by “Multikulti Project”. The album was recorded by four great jazz masters – Tomo Jacobson (double bass), Aram Shelton (alto saxophone), Hakon Berre (drums) and Grzegorz Tarwid (piano). These four musicians improvisations have extraordinary and original sound. This is the fist time then these four musicians are playing together. Individual and unique sound, different playing manner, creative and inventive musical decisions – all these elements gently fit together in their collective improvisations. The musicians are famous in avant-garde jazz scene. They had been improvising with various famous and interesting avant-garde jazz legends. This album is the first opportunity to hear creative and talented jazz masters playing and improvising together.

The album compositions are based on avant-garde jazz elements and musical experiments. The musicians try extended ways of playing, search for a new and evocative timbres and sounds. The first part of the album is more subtle and calm, based on different rhythms and melodic elements gently combined together. It begins softly, calmly and subtly and suddenly turns out ti absolutely different kind compositions. Expressive, emotional and dramatic playing, wild fast solos, powerful and loud blow outs and riffs are the mainly heard elements of collective improvisations. The composition “Daydreams and Terrors” has especially aggressive and sharp sound. It’s based on depressive, gloomy and harsh melodies illustrated with various sharp and harsh timbres and sounds. The compositions mood and character is always changing – it’s never stay too long in one mood. The moods are fast changing each other and make colorful sound of this album. Musicians experiment with various musical elements – they twist together different melodic, rhythmic, harmonic elements, try out inventive and extraordinary ways of playing. Polyphonic structure and free form, independent and colorful melodies, many concepts put one against other in one composition are the main elements of musical pattern. Each musician is improvising absolutely different from other. The conversation between four great and talented jazz masters is very interesting, adventurous and expressive – individual styles, playing manners and improvising sounds are masterfully and essentially combined together in one composition. Wide range of musical expressions and playing techniques, creative and inventive improvising make original and innovative sound of this album.


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