the WISSELTANGCAMATTA – “indes” (Umland Records, 2017)

“indes” is a new album which was released by “Umland Records” last month. The album was recorded by “the WISSELTANGCAMATTA” trio. Three outstanding and original musicians are playing at this trio – bassist Achim Tang, drummer Simon Camatta and saxophonist Georg Wissel. Achim Tang is German bass player. He successfully works together with various jazz musicians, plays with “Balkan Influenza”, “Max Nagt Ensemble”, “Max Nagt Quintet”, “Multibass Orchester”, “Multiple Joyce Orchestra” and other avant-garde jazz collectives. Simon Camatta is a German drummer who was born in 1976 in Essen, Germany. He plays together with various jazz musicians and ensembles such as “The Dorf”, “The Yellow snow Crystals” and “Knu!”. Georg Wissel is a German saxophonist. He also is an active member of German and other countries avant-garde jazz scene – plays with “Canaries On The Pole”, “The Mirror Unit”, “Simon Rummet Ensemble” and many others. All three musicians are improvising together for a long time. Their improvisations are very active, dynamic and energetic. Own and individual playing and improvising manner by each trio musician are connected and fused together in one composition.

The album compositions are essentially combined of various music elements. Avant-garde jazz and various modern jazz styles synthesis is the main element of these compositions basement. Polyphony, independent melodies, free form and structure, colorful and dynamic melodies are the basic of the musical pattern. The compositions are collective improvisations there all three trio musicians do their best to create extraordinary and different sounds and are demonstrating their own and individual improvising. Expressive melodies, wide range of musical expressions, playing techniques and moods are connected with unusual sounds, weird timbres and constantly changing rhythmic. The compositions mood is also very variable and always changing – from silent and quiet episodes with no solid melodic basement turns out to the bursts of energy, expressive and active collective improvisations, virtuosic blow outs, loud and powerful episodes and other elements. The musicians are experimenting with various musical language elements – they put together absolutely different playing techniques, expand the comfort zone of the instrument, extract new and unusual timbres, sounds, melodic intonations, rhythmic formulas and other musical decisions. They also use huge number of extended playing techniques – new and innovative ways of playing are gently combined with traditional playing techniques. Unpredictable stylistic turns, colorful and dynamic musical decisions, changes of the moods and compositions characters, free and expressive improvising make essential and interesting sound of this album compositions.


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