Things To Sounds – “3 [42​:​02] Live” (Wide Ear Records, 2017)

“3 [42​:​02] Live” is an avant-garde jazz album released by “Wide Ear Records” this year. The album was recorded by three jazz masters – saxophonist Tobias Meier, pianist Yves Theiler and drummer David Meier. Trio musicians had been improvising together many times before. Their improvisations usually have dynamic and interesting sound, are based on free and expressive relationship between musicians and spontaneous improvising, The musicians had created their own playing manner, unique and unusual playing techniques and improvising style. They had became solid, famous and interesting avant-garde jazz musicians through the years of their musical career.

This album improvisations have effective and expressive sound. Trio musicians are improvising free and inventive. They try many extended playing techniques and musical expressions. Compositions are based on collective improvisations by all three trio members. Musical pattern is consisted of free form, polyphonic structure, dynamic rhythmic and harmony and absolutely different music elements combinations. Tobias Meier saxophone melodies are filled with colorful and expressive solos, powerful and loud blow outs, glamorous riffs and unusual timbres. Yves Theiler piano improvisations create a solid melodic and harmonic basement of the compositions – the compositions harmony is made of various consonance and dissonance chords and separate tones. Piano melodies are especially expressive and emotional, full of wild fast solos, sharp and aggressive harmony and unpredictable stylistic turn outs. Many different music styles elements are heard in piano melodies – bebop, post-bop, some of traditional jazz and blues styles, various dances, contemporary academical music are masterfully connected with free jazz. David Meier drums extract unusual sounds and rhythms, form a solid rhythmic basement and are full of loud drum rolls, arpeggios, virtuosic solos and many other elements. All musicians improvisations have colorful, stunning and interesting sound. They pay high attention to extraction and search of unusual sounds and timbres. Expanding the technical abilities of the instrument and extract the variety of strange, colorful and interesting sounds is the main aim of these improvisations. Musicians are innovative experimenting, make provocative and extraordinary musical decisions to create interesting and original sound. The biggest part of playing techniques is innovative and new ways of playing. Unusual, creative and extraordinary playing techniques are connected with small part of traditional playing techniques. Individual and unique sound of each trio member is revealed and demonstrated in these improvisations. Modern and innovative playing style, colorful and expressive solos, original and dynamic improvising are the main and the most important elements of this album who create interesting sound of this album compositions.

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