Vasco Trilla – “Still Now ( If you still)” (FMR Records, 2017)

“Still Now ( If you still)” is a album released by “FMR Records” this year, on April. The album was recorded by three avant-garde jazz experimenters – drummer and composer Vasco Trilla, pianist Marina Dzukljev and violist Szilard Mezei. The improvisations by each musician are based on creative and spontaneous improvising. Their improvisations are full of expressive and energetic solos, colorful and incredible stylistic waves, precisely and masterful playing and high variety of different playing techniques. The independent and individual playing and improvising manner and sound is created by each musician through the years of their musical career. The musicians are improvising with various ensembles and famous avant-garde jazz players. They are active and interesting players of experimental jazz scene.

Album music has stunning and effective sound. The trio improvisations are base don versatile and lively sound, expressive and dramatic bursts of energy and the synthesis between avant-garde jazz and contemporary academical music. The most part of the compositions are the collective improvisations by all trio members. It’s consisted of many different musical elements, expressions, concepts and stylistic turns. Wild fast, stunning and precisely solos, active and energetic rhythmic, memorable and lively melodies are mixed together with joyful, versatile and playful melodies, festive and solid rhythmic basement and many other music elements. The musicians fused together very big variety of different music styles and elements. Elements which are absolutely different from each other are organically and masterfully combined together in one composition. Extended and traditional playing techniques are meld and essentially combined together in one musical pattern. Musicians using wide range of unusual ways of playing to extract and create extraordinary sound of the compositions. Colorful and expressive collective improvisations are the most interesting pieces of the album. The musicians improvising is very dynamic and colorful. Composition moods and characters are always changing from one to another – joyful and playful solos turn out to festive, solid and calm and then – to the expressive, dramatic and emotional collective improvisations or other mood of the compositions. This music is interesting and unpredictable, full of surprises and sudden turns of styles, musical expressions, moods and character of the compositions. Wide range of musical expressions, dynamic and interesting improvising create original and innovative sound of this album compositions.

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