Erik Hove Chamber Ensemble – “Polygon” (Inner Circle Music, 2017)

“Polygon” is the new album released by “Inner Circle Music” on April. The album was recorded by “Erik Hove Chamber Ensemble”. The ensemble mostly plays experimental jazz compositions which are the synthesis between free jazz, various modern jazz styles and contemporary music. All ensemble members are famous and interesting improvisers – it’s Erik Hove (alto sax, clarinet, flute, electronics), Anna Webber (flute, alto flute), Krisjana Thorsteinson (oboe), Krista Martynes (clarinet, bass clarinet), Andy King (trumpet), Kate Bevan-Baker (violin), Jean René (viola), Jane Chan (cello), Rémi-Jean Leblanc (bass) and Evan Tighe (drums). The ensemble members are improvising creative and dynamic, their music is full of different musical expressions and innovative playing techniques. Acoustic instruments and electronics are masterfully combined in all their compositions. The music of ensemble usually is live, energetic, interesting and versatile.

The album music is full of concepts and contrasts. Collective improvisations are the synthesis between various jazz styles. The main basement is avant-garde jazz elements mixed together with various modern jazz styles such as bebop and post-bop. All musicians are improvising creatively, expressive and dynamic. Their improvisations are full of dynamic stylistic waves, unpredictable and sudden turn outs and surprises. The variety of musical expressions and playing techniques is very wide and colorful. Many unusual and interesting sounds and timbres are heard in these compositions. The musicians try to extract and essentially combine together different and unusual timbres, innovative musical decisions and experiments and many other elements of music language. Original and unique playing style of each musician is demonstrated in these compositions. Each musician can play individual and independent melodies, make innovative and inventive musical decisions. The variety of melodies, rhythms and timbres are masterfully combined together in one composition. Expressive, emotional and dramatic reeds melodies, dynamic and loud drum and percussion section, soft, melodic and interesting solos of cello, bass, violin and other instruments are the main elements of this album compositions. Sometimes this music gets too static or monotonic, but it has many effective and stunning episodes. The most effective and interesting pieces are collective improvisations by all chamber ensemble members. Individual and unique improvising style, expressive and energetic solos, outstanding and innovative musical decisions and experiments are fused together in one composition. The musicians pay high attention to create extraordinary and original sound, expand from the comfort zone of their instruments and search for new ways of playing. Colorful, dynamic and interesting improvising, wide range of musical expressions and many other elements create original and innovative sound of this album.

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