Gottschalk & Cajlan-Wissel – “Sonata Erronea” (Acheulian Handaxe Records, 2017)

“Sonata Erronea” was released by “Acheulian Handaxe Records” this year. The album was recorded by a duet – pianist Dušica Cajlan-Wissel and violinist Gunda Gottschalk. The compositions of the album is dedicated for prepared piano and violin. Both musicians are talented and creative musicians which have original and unique playing and improvising style. Their playing isn’t just very precisely, but also emotional, dramatic, dynamic and expressive. Both musicians like innovative musical experiments, unexpected and stunning musical decisions. They also try to create extraordinary and exceptional sound. The compositions they play are created spontaneously -and are full of different playing techniques and expressions. This isn’t a fist time they are playing together – they had been improvising together several times before. Both musicians are active members of contemporary classical and avant-garde jazz scene – they are always collaborating with various musicians and composers.

This album compositions have extraordinary and interesting sound. All compositions are based on contemporary academical music and experimental jazz synthesis. Free and creative collective improvisations of both musicians are essentially filled with atonality, sharp and dramatic dissonance harmony, aleatory, serialism and other contemporary classical music composing techniques. They also use wide range of playing techniques – it’s not just traditional ones such as glissando or pizzicato. Along with traditional techniques which are usually used, musicians try to create new and extraordinary ways of playing. They try out many different ways of playing and experiment with various music languages elements. Because of extraordinary and innovative musical decisions and experiments there are heard very much strange and unusual timbres, colorful harmony and instrumentation. Dissonance harmony, dynamic and active rhythmic and melodic elements are the main elements of musical pattern. Both musicians demonstrate unusual and extraordinary sound and search new ways of playing and musical decisions. Expressive melodies, dramatic solos are essentially mixed together with lyricism which is the main mood of most compositions. Dramatic solos, loud and monotonic separate string sounds, sharp, aggressive and lyrical melodies make effective and essential sound of these compositions. Marvelous combination of contemporary academical music and avant-garde jazz, creative and extraordinary improvisations, variety of musical expressions and playing techniques create original and innovative sound of this album.

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