Johannes Bär, Andreas Broger, Alfred Vogel – “BLECHBARAGGE Wir blasen Euch den Marsch​!​!​!” (Boomslang Records, 2017)

“BLECHBARAGGE Wir blasen Euch den Marsch​!​!​!”- it’s the newest experimental jazz release from “Boomslang Records” which was released on September 23. Album was recorded by 3 jazz masters – Johannes Bär (trimitas), Andreas Broger (saxophone, clarinet) and Alfred Vogel (percussion, drums). These three musicians improvise outstandingly and creative. The improvisations are full of many different music styles elements – avant-garde jazz is mixed with various old dances forms, contemporary academical music, Alpine folk intonations, Austria and other Europe countries ethnical music elements. Dynamic, expressive, interesting and innovative improvisations are combined from numerous of various musical expressions, rhythmic elements and music styles. Musicians had been improvising together many times – that’s why their collective improvisations gently fit together and create original sound.

Album music has unique and original sound. Expressive and dynamic collective improvisations essentially combine together different music styles. Avant-garde jazz, blues, various traditional jazz styles, ethnic music of Alpine and Austria, contemporary music elements, old dances forms are just a part of these compositions musical pattern. Musicians masterfully blend together all these absolutely different music elements and mix them in one composition. They also try out many different playing techniques. Imitations of various sounds, terrific trumpet, tuba and saxophone blow outs and solos, dynamic rhythmic, high variety of unusual timbres and sounds, musical experiments and other things create interesting, expressive and energetic sound. The music of this album is never boring or too static – its mood and character of compositions are always changing. From expressive and wild collective improvisations it changes to slow, soft and solemn sound – it’s especially heard in “Phil’s Song” and “Grund Gewaex”. All combined elements are absolutely different from each other – they are put together against each other and create contrastic episodes. The masterful and outstanding playing, creative and free improvisations, wide range of musical experiments, styles and expressions make original and innovative sound of these compositions.

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