Greg Mills, Eric Mandat – “New Music For Clarinet And Piano” (Freedonia Music, 2017)

Greg Mills & Eric Mandat | New Music for Clarinet and Piano

“New Music For Clarinet And Piano” is a new contemporary classical music and avant-garde jazz album which was recently released by “Freedonia Music” recording company. This album is a retrospective of contemporary classical music, academic avant-garde and experimental jazz compositions. The compositions of the album were played by two outstanding soloists – Greg Mills (piano) and Eric Mandat (clarinet). These two musicians have original playing style which main elements are expressive and free improvising, dynamic and virtuosic solos, memorable and lively melodies full of contrasts and stylistic waves. Other very important element is professional, precisely and creative playing. They try out many different playing techniques, various traditional and modern musical expressions and innovative musical decisions. The compositions which they play are the synthesis between experimental jazz and academical avant-garde.

Album has 10 compositions. All of them are originally write by various composers such as Morton Feldman, Krzysztof Penderecki and other postmodern classical music composers. Greg Mills and Eric Mandat create spontaneous improvisations based on the basic themes and elements of these compositions. Their improvisations are based on collective improvisations. Rapidly, active and expressive piano melodies, free and creative improvisations, high variety of extended playing techniques and musical expressions and many other elements reveal extraordinary and interesting sound of famous composers compositions. Greg Mills melodies are full of virtuosic elements, colorful harmony, dynamic rhythmic, innovative and modern playing techniques combinations, expressive and active solos. Eric Mandat clarinet and bass clarinet melodies also are very interesting and expressive, but it’s also are full of various musical experiments – innovative playing techniques, dynamic and contrastic solos which have high variety of strange timbres and sounds. Eric Mabdat is using traditional and extended playing techniques, other innovative musical decisions reveal original and modern sound and expand instrument technical abilities. High variety of strange and unheard timbres isn’t the only element which make these compositions sound creative and colorful. The combinations of various music styles and genres are heard very much in these compositions – academic avant-garde and postmodern classical music are combined with avant-garde jazz and free improvisation. This synthesis of two very individual music styles make effective and innovative sound. Inventive and creative musicians, variety of different music styles, playing techniques and musical expressions create modern and innovative sound of this album compositions.

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