Demetrius Spaneas – “From A Far-off World” (Capstone Records, 2017)

From a Far Off World

“From A Far-off World” is the new experimental music and avant-garde jazz album released this year. Album was recorded by talented and masterful avant-gard ejazz musician Demetrius Spaneas. Demetrius Spaneas is American saxophonist and clarinetist. He had graduate from New England Conservatory where he studied music theory, classical and jazz woodwinds performing, orchestration, composition and arranging. Demetrius Spaneas playing has original and unique sound and effective playing style. His compositions are full of different music elements and expressions, active, effective and expressive melodies and dynamic stylistic turns. The musician is performing compositions by various composers which are creating contemporary academical music and avant-garde jazz. “From A Far-off World” album compositions were written by Jane Brockman. Jane Brockman is famous American composer which was the first woman composer to earn the Doctorate of Music of Michigan University 150 year history. Her music is interesting, modern and influenced by various contemporary music styles. Colorful instrumentation, interesting harmony, innovative musical decisions make effective and modern sound of her compositions. Her compositions are based on various contemporary music styles such as electronics, experimental jazz, free improvisations and film and dance music. Jane Brockman masterfully combines various music styles and elements in one composition.

Album has 12 compositions. All of them are written by Jane Brockman or Demetrius Spaneas. The compositions are the synthesis of experimental, electronic music and avant-garde jazz and free improvisation. Both composers are using high variety of music styles, expressions and other elements. The instrumentation is very interesting and expressive – acoustic and electronic instruments sounds, innovative playing techniques and high variety of different timbres and sounds are the main elements of compositions which create expressive and dynamic sound. The solos by various instruments are full of energy, different episodes which are putting together against each other bring more unexpected turns and surprises to this music. Demetrius Spaneas playing is outstanding – this musician masterfully combine various playing techniques, expand from the instrument comfort zone and recover unheard and peculiar sounds and timbres of the instruments. The compositions are based on traditional form and structure, but it also there’s very much place left for free improvisations. Original and modern composing style, innovative and expressive playing, high variety of music elements make effective and interesting sound of this album.

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