Third Coast Percussion​/​Philippe Manoury – “The Book of Keyboards” (New Focus Recordings, 2017)

“The Book of Keyboards” – it’s one of the newest albums released this month by “New Focus Recordings”. Album had been recorded by “Third Coast Percussion” ensemble which members are David Skidmore, Robert Dillon, Peter Martin and Sean Connors. The ensemble is one the most famous percussion ensemble in the world. They had been played and recorded many works of Donnacha Dennehy, Glenn Kotche, Lei Liang, Gavin Bryars, Christopher Cerrone, Timo Andres, Marcos Balter, Ted Hearne and other famos composers of contemporary music. The ensemble also had won “Grammy” for the best chamber music album of the year in 2017. The music of the ensemble has original and effective sound. Organic and dynamic sound, high variety of percussion instruments, precisely, creative and innovative playing of the musicians are the main element which make them music to sound interesting and innovative. The ensemble had recorded compositions by France composer Philippe Manoury. Philippe Manoury is academic avant-garde and experimental music composer. His musical language and composing style is based on many different music elements integrated together in one composition. He masterfully combines various types of acoustic instruments and electronics, electro-acoustic instruments, computer sounds and special effects. The composer try out many different playing techniques, musical expressions and styles. His music is similar to Pierre Boulez, one of the most famous academic avant-garde composer.

“Le livre de Clavier” and “Metal” are recorded in this album. These compositions are based on percussion instruments and electronics. Many different and colorful timbres, singular sounds, peculiar and strange noises, dynamic and active rhythmic and subtle melodies – all these elements are the main part of these compositions. The composer try out all available playing techniques to achieve original and interesting sound. There’s not just traditional playing techniques, but also modern and innovative. These playing techniques create the diversity of various timbres and sounds. The music is based on academic avant-garde, modern classical music styles and experimental music. There’s also heard very much of various improvising music styles – experimental jazz and some of modern jazz elements. The melodies and musical episodes don’t have strict form or harmony. The variety of different music elements synthesis blow free and dynamic. The musicians are playing expressive, dynamic and interesting. Even though they are playing absolutely different melodies and sounds, all these elements combine in one big composition very gently and organic. Original composing style, interesting and colorful instrumentation, the high variety of percussion instruments and outstanding playing of “Third Coast Percussion” ensemble musicians make effective and modern sound of this album


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