Ross Feller/Various artists – “X/Winds” (Innova, 2017)

Ross Feller: X/Winds

“X/Winds” is an outstanding modern classical and academic avant-garde compositions set released this year by “Innova Records”. The compositions of this album had been composed by Ross Feller. Ross Feller is a composer, music theoretic, saxophonist, improviser and educator. His music is full of modern and innovative musical decisions, expressions and colorful instrumentation. It’s also very contrastic, expressive and dramatic. For more than 20 years of creative activity Ross Feller had created original and unique composing style which is contained of many different music elements and contemporary classical and experimental music styles. Even though his music is based on academic avant-garde and modern classic, there are heard very much of free and wild improvisations and virtuosic solos by various instruments which is the main element of avant-garde jazz. Ross Feller writes compositions for various artists – he had written many works for piano, saxophone and other instruments solos, but the main part of his compositions are dedicated for symphony orchestra and chamber ensemble. Unique and expressive musical language make this music sound interesting, live, effective and innovative. The compositions of this album had been played by various artists – Oberlin Conservatory Contemporary Music Ensemble,Tim Weiss, Adam Tendler, Peter Evans, Oberlin Percussion Group, Michael Rosen, Ensemble Luna Nova, Helen Kim, Ted Gurch, Dorothy Martirano, Franklin Cox and Oberlin Conservatory Wind Ensemble.

Album has 8 compositions. All these compositions are created for various chamber ensembles and are based on modern classic, academic avant-garde and free jazz synthesis. This music is full of surprises and unexpected and interesting stylistic waves – colorful and dynamic instrumentation, active, expressive and contrast melodies, free form and collective improvisations – it’s the main elements of these compositions. The high diversity of music styles and musical expressions helps to create more effective and interesting sound of these compositions. All compositions of this album have very rich, expressive and interesting music language which is full of dozens of different musical expressions, innovative and interesting playing techniques, colorful harmony and modern instrumentation. All these elements are masterfully combined by Ross Feller. Collective and free musicians improvisations bring to these compositions vitality and live, evocative and interesting sound. The main part of compositions are based on contrasts – several different stylistic episodes are put together one against other. After fast, active and expressive episodes there comes silent and subtle melodies, sharp and rigorous improvisations or dramatic solos. Outstanding playing of the musicians and collectives, unique and original Ross Feller composing style make interestinf and effective sound of this album.


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