Konik – “Angel Pavement” (Free Tone Records, 2017)

“Angel Pavement” was released this summer by “Free Tone Records”. Album was recorded by trio “Konik” which memebers are three great experimental jazz masters – Mark Langford (bass clarinet, tenor saxophone), Dominic Lash (double bass) and Roger Telford (drums). These three musicians had been improvising together many times before and their collective improvisations have especially expressive, interesting and modern sound. Sound experiments, special effects, modern playing techniques and hgh variety of musical expressions are the main elements of their improvisations. Musicians also collaborate with other jazz musicians, play at the concerts and festivals in various countries. Double bassist Dominic Lash had improvised together with such avant-garde jazz masters as Evan Parker, Alexander Hawkins, Alex Ward, JOhn Butcher, Tony Konrad and many others. These three musicians are experienced and talented jazz masters which have original and interesting playing style and sound.

Album has 6 compositions. The active, dynamic and expressive collective improvisations by all trio musicians contains the main part of this album improvisations. Rigorous, sharp and virtuosic or very calm and relax solos have many stylistic waves and unpredictable musical decisions. The musicians try out many different playing techniques and musical expressions. Loud tremolos and drum rolls, sharp and colorful harmony, dynamic and constantly changing rhythmic which is combined of various Europe and Africa countries music rhythms also are very important elements of these compositions. The most effective and interesting sound is heard in collective improvisations – in these episodes the musicians are improvising especially virtuosic, interesting, emotional and expressive. Different tones, timbres, melodies and other music elements are organically combined together in one composition. Creative, expressive and innovative improvisations played by talented and experienced jazz masters create an outstanding and interesting sound of this album.


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