Darren Johnston & Tim Daisy – “Crossing Belmont” (Relay Recordings, 2017)

“Crossing Belmont” is another one new album released this month by “Relay Recordings”. Album had been played by two marvelous avant-garde jazz masters – trumpeter Darren Johnston and drummer, percussionist Tim Daisy. These two musicians don’t need to be introduced – through long years of creative activity they had been recorded many albums with various ensembles and avant-garde jazz masters. They are active and creative musicians who keep collaborating with other avant-garde jazz masters, are creating new projects and searching for a new and innovative sound of their music. Their music has interesting and modern sound – different musical expressions, styles and other elements are heard in their improvisations. Tim Daisy and Darren Johnston had been improvising together many times as a duet and with other jazz musicians. Their improvisations always have creative, interesting and original sound.

Album has 2 compositions which are based on avant-garde jazz. Free, dynamic and expressive collective improvisations, constantly changing rhythmic, high diversity of various musical expressions, dynamics and other elements, contrastic elements putting together one after each other, sharp and colorful harmony – these musical elements are the main part of compositions. Both musicians are outstanding improvisers. They try out many different musical expressions, sound effects and playing techniques. Their music is changing all the time – sometimes they play very joyful and expressive, sometimes the sound turns to be calm and soft or very rigorous and sharp. The masterful and interesting improvising and inventive musical decisions is one of the main element which create original and sound of these compositions. Both musicians duets have especially effective sound – there are two different melodies sounding at the same time. Virtuosic, expressive and dynamic trumpet melodies full of stylistic waves and unpredictable turns masterfully combine with high variety of drums rhythms and percussion sounds. Dynamic and outstanding improvising, variety of musical expressions and playing techniques create effective and interesting sound of this album.

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