Bulliphant – “Hightailing” (Creative Source Recordings, 2017)

“Hightailing” – it’s experimental jazz album released this week by “Creative Source Recordings”. Album had been played by talented jazz experimentators quintet “Bulliphant” which members are Bart Maris (trumpet, piccolo trumpet), Ruben Verbruggen (alto and baritone saxophone), Thijs Troch (synth and electronics), Gonçalo Almeida (double bass) and Friso van Wijck (drums and percussion). The ensemble leader saxophonist Ruben Verbruggen also have his own group “Spoken Saxophone Quartet”. He also had played with “Bravo Big Band”, “Jamaican Jazz Orchestra”, “Den Ambrassband” and others. Bart Maris is famous Belgium trumpet player. He had collaborated with other various avant-garde jazz players and ensembles. His music is based on experimental jazz and musical experiments. Thijs Troch is a pianist, but he also professionally manage the electronics and synth. His music is based on high variety of electronic and computer music elements combining them with various jazz styles. The other member of this ensemble is famous Portugal bassist Goncalo Almeida. He plays the music between modern and avant-garde jazz, collaborates with various jazz musicians all over the world. Virtuosic, creative and original playing style and free improvising are the main elements of his music. Goncalo Almeida had played with Ab Baars, Balasz Pandi, Chris Speed, Carlos Zíngaro, Fred Lonberg-Holm and other jazz masters. Friso van Wijck is a drummer and percussionist. His music has high variety of rhythms, sounds and timbres, it also is very dynamic, organic and expressive.

Album has 12 compositions. All the compositions are based on avant-garde jazz and various modern jazz styles such as bebop and post-bop synthesis. Collective improvisations, free and expressive musicians solos, dynamic rhythmic and colorful instrumentation – these are the main elements of improvisations. Each musician is improvising very different from other. Their melodies are based on different music styles – saxophone melodies have more bebop and other modern jazz styles elements, though trumpet improvisations are free, rigorous and expressive experimental jazz melodies. The percussion and drums effecting the rapid and dynamic sound of the compositions – the high variety of singular sounds, strange timbres are heard. The bass is playing very contrastic most of the time – virtuosic and rapid melodies combine with subtle, slow and soft episodes. The sound of acoustic instruments merges with electronics and synth sounds. The electronics are used subtle and organic in this comppositions. Computer sounds, electronics and other special effects are harmoniously connected with acoustic instruments melodies. The musicians also pay attention to musical experiments – they search for strange timbres, peculiar singuliar noises, are using special electronic effects and computer music elements. The high variety of musical expressions, expressive and dynamic improvisations, creative and talented musicians create original and interesting sound of this album.


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