Danny Kamins / Damon Smith / Alvin Fielder / Joe Hertenstein – “After Effects” (FMR, 2017)

“After Effects” – it’s one of the newest albums released this month. Album had been played by four great avant-garde jazz masters – Danny Kamins (baritone sax), Damon Smith (double bass), Alvin Fielder (drums, percussion) and Joe Hertenstein (drums, percussion). These four musicians are very well-known in avant-garde jazz scene. Their innovative and creative improvising, inventive and expressive musical decisions, emotional and memorable melodies and many other elements are the main elements of these musicians playing style. Musicians try out many different playing techniques, musical expressions, combine very contrastic music styles in one composition. The quartet had been improvising together in the same ensemble many times. Four great jazz masters gently complement each other in all improvisations. Different melodies and music elements are masterfully combined together. The newest album “After Effects” had been recorded by “FMR Records”.

Album has 10 compositions. All compositions are based on avant-garde jazz elements. Energetic, rigorous and dynamic collective improvisations, virtuosic and expressive solos of the musicians contrasting with each other, repetitive rhythmic and high variety of different music expressions – these are the main elements of improvisations. The musicians are improvising masterfully and creative. Their improvisations are full of inventive musical decisions, modern and innovative playing techniques, subtle and slow solos or rapidly, playful and expressive melodies. They also search out for a peculiar and strange noises, singular sounds and timbres. Rhythmic of the compositions also is very contrasting – there are many different rhythmic formulas which are organically combined together. The rhythms of Africa ethnic music,North America music styles and European contemporary classical music elements sound glamorous in one improvisation. There’s also heard high diversity of dynamics, harmony and other musical expressions which are used in these improvisations. Colorful and interesting harmony and instrumentation, contrastic and inventive dynamic and other music elements are affecting modern sound of these improvisations. Professionally and talented jazz masters, improvisations, full of many different music styles and elements, creative, inventive and dynamic improvising create an original and interesting sound of this album.


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