Mike Reed – “Flesh & Bone” (SR, 2017)

“Flesh & Bone” – it’s a recently released avant-garde jazz album played by Mike Reed and his ensemble. Avant-garde jazz drummer Mike Reed recorded this album with other great experimental jazz masters – Greg Ward (alto saxophone), Tim Haldeman (tenor saxophone), Jason Roebke (bass), Ben Lamar Gay (cornet), Jason Stein (bass clarinet) and Marvin Tate (words). The improvisations played by these musicians have extraordinary and original sound. Special sound effects, words and musical experiments combine with active, memorable and dynamic acoustic instruments melodies. The musicians are talented and experienced experimental jazz masters. They pay high attention to search and create original and creative sound.

Album has 11 compositions. All of them have high variety of music styles. Avant-garde jazz, bebop, post-bop, funk, traditional and contemporary mainstream jazz elements are conformed together in one composition. Different music styles influence contrasts which are the main part of compositions. The compositions are based n high variety of music elements contrasting with each other. They are absolutely different from each other and are based on various music styles and expressions. Memorable and remarkable melodies, short and extraordinary musicians solos, high variety of innovative playing techniques, special sound effects and words – these are the main elements of compositions. The musicians try out extraordinary and exclusive playing techniques, search for a new and unheard timbres and sounds. These sound and timbres experiments effect the sound of compositions – it help to create glamorous and striking sound. The album doesn’t have one music style on which is based all compositions – the improvisations are based on variety of different jazz styles gently combined together. Creative, effective and free improvising, the diversity of music styles and expressions and other elements create a dynamic and genuine sound.


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