Connie Crothers​/​Virg Dzurinko – “Two​-​Piano Quintet” (MINUS ZERO, 2017)

“Two Piano Quintet” – it’s a new album released this year in “MINUS ZERO”. The album was recorded by  a group of talented avant-garde jazz musicians – Connie Crothers (piano), Virg Dzurinko (piano), Adam Lane (bass), Daniel Carter (flute, trumpet, clarinet, saxes (soprano, alto & tenor)) and Vijay Anderson (drums). All these musicians are creative and talented avant-garde jazz experimentators. This album is the first time then all of them are improvising together as ensemble. Each of them has unique playing style, try out to search new and different playing techniques and combine absolutely different elements together. Their music is full of surprises, innovative and creative ideas and musical decisions and music styles. This album also is a rare opportunity to hear improvising together two virtuosic pianists – Connie Crothers and Virg Dzurinko.

Album has 2 compositions – “Two Piano Madness (Part 1)” and “Two Piano Madness (Part 2)”. These compositions have original, interesting and evocative sound. The main basic of these compositions are wonderful and masterfully played piano duets. Virtuosic melodies, the high variety of music styles, elements, themes, dynamics and harmonies, masterfully combining of absolutely contrastic music elements, unpredictable and expressive piano melodies – these are the main elements of these compositions. Virg Dzurinko and Connie Crothers – these names are one of the most famous jazz pianists in free – jazz scene. These two pianists are improvising exciting, expressive and original. They also pay high attention to different sound search. Strange, peculiar timbres and sounds are heard in these compositions. The duets of these high-talented and creative avant-garde jazz experimentators is unpredictable, original, innovative and full of surprises. Even though these musicians have absolutely different improvising styles and sound, their expressed and original improvisations are gently combined together in one composition. Expressive and wild reeds melodies, subtle and organic bass improvisations and the high variety of drums and percussion rhytms. Adam Lane, Daniel Carter and Vijay Anderson improvisations are also full of surprises, unpredictable stylistic waves and musical experiments. All of them are improvising free, wild, very contrastic and dynamic, but all the melodies and sounds finally are gently combined together in one composition. This album isn’t just a rare opportunity to hear improvising two great avant-garde jazz pianists. This album also is a set of innovative, original and expressive compositions.




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