Alexander Hawkins – “Unit​[​e]” (SR, 2017)

“Unit[e]” – it’s a new album released by avant-garde jazz pianist Alexander Hawkins and other musicians. The compositions of the album were written for different ensembles and musicians. The composer of improvisations is pianist Alexander Hawkins. He recorded all these compositions with other great jazz musicians – Dylan Bates (violin), Neil Charles (double bass), Otto Fischer (electric guitar, guitar), Alexander Hawkins (piano, conductor), Shabaka Hutchings (tenor saxophone, bass clarinet), Tom Skinner (drums), James Arben (flute, tenor saxophone, bass clarinet), Stephen Davis (drums, percussion), Laura Jurd (trumpet), Julie Kjaer (flute, alto flute, alto saxophone, bass clarinet), Nick Malcolm (trumpet, flugelhorn), Hannah Marshall (cello), Percy Pursglove (trumpet, double bass), Alex Ward (clarinet) and Matthew Wright (live electronics). All musicians are famous and talented avant-garde jazz masters. Their music is expressive, modern, innovative, original and has effective sound.

Album has 12 compositions. All of them are professionally written by Alexander Hawkins. Innovative and original musical decisions, special sound effects, musical experiments and modern music language – these elements are the main base of compositions. The high variety of music styles, sounds, instruments and other elements is very much used in these compositions. The musicians are improvising original and free. Expressive and memorable acoustic instruments melodies, colorful and dynamic instrumentation and harmony, constantly changing rhytmic, innovative and inventive musical experiments and high variety of styles. Compositions are written in absolutely different styles. Tracks 1-7 are written for nonet and are based on avant-garde jazz elements. Free, wild and expressive collective improvisations have much in common with famous jazz master Ornette Coleman and his compositions. Dynamic rhytmic, memorable melodies, free and not strictly-based form, afroamerican music elements are the main base of these compositions. The compositions from 8 to 12 are written for larger ensemble and are based on different jazz styles. Avant-garde jazz elements there combine with funk, modern jazz styles, fusion, contemporary jazz and even a bit of traditional jazz styles. These elements are gently combined together and their sound is very different from earlier compositions. The high variety of different music styles, musical expressions and playing techniques, free and expressive improvisations and many other elements bring to this album original and innovative sound



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