Burke, Lewis, Grabowsky, Helias – “Shift” (FMR, 2017)

“Shift” – it’s a new album released this month by “FMR Records”. This album is a masterful result created by four avant-garde jazz musicians – Rob Burke (tenor/soprano saxophones), George Lewis (trombone, electronics), Paul Grabowsky (piano, snare drum) and Mark Helias (acoustic bass). All four musicians are great avant-garde jazz masters. Each of them has their own and original improvising sound and playing style. The musicians also are collaborating with other experimental jazz masters. The newest album is full of many different music elements gently combined together.

Album has 11 compositions. All of them are based on contemporary avant-garde jazz elements. The compositions are dynamic and creative collective improvisations. The musicians are improvising free, virtuosic and expressive. Dynamic, original and innovative musical experiments, sounds experiments, special effects and electronics are also the main elements of these compositions. The musicians search out for new and unheard timbres, masterfully combine acoustic instruments and electronics. The improvisations are full of expressive short melodies, strange and peculiar timbres, virtuosic elements, sharp harmony, dynamic rhytmic and many other elements. All these elements bring to these compositions interesting and original sound. Although sometimes the improvisations turns out to be a little boring and static, the main part of them are interesting, modern and dynamic.


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