Matt Piet & Tim Daisy – “strike one; strike too” (2017)

“strike one; strike too” – it’s a new experimental jazz album released this month. It was recorded by two great jazz improvisers – Matt Piet (piano) and Tim Daisy (drums percussion). These two musicians are very famous at avant – garde jazz scene. Professional, precisious and expressive playing, creative and innovative musical experiments, the high variety of music elements and styles and original style of improvising – all these elements are the basics of these two musicians playing. They created their own and innovative playing style and had collaborated with many other famous avant-garde jazz masters during the years of creative activity. Their new album is a remarkable, innovative and original piano and percussion duet.

“strike one; strike too” has 2 compositions. It’s very dynamic and expressive collective improvisations with many different music elements combined together. The high variety of very different musical expressions, styles and elements are the basement of these two compositions. Virtuosic, precisious and expressive piano improvisations are full of short and memorable melody elements, sharp and colorful harmony, sound effects, masterfully combined with very fast and virtuosic solos. Expressive and original piano improvisations are gently combined with drums and percussion. Te high variety of percussions instruments make a  extraordinary and interesting sound of this album. Dynamic and changing rhytmic, virtuosic drums solos and strange sounds of percussion also are very important elements for these compositions. The musicians are improvising free, creative and expressive. Their music is unpredictable, full of waves and surprises – avant-garde jazz elements are connected with various modern and traditional jazz styles, contemporary academical music and other music styles intonations. The music recorded in this album is creative, free, full of surprises and innovative musical decisions.

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