Atomic – “Six Easy Pieces” (2017, ODIN)

“Six Easy Pieces” – it’s the newest album recorded by great Scandinavian jazz masters quintet “Atomic” and released by “ODIN”. “Atomic” is: Fredrik Ljungkvist (reeds), Hans Hulbaekmo (drums), Haward Wiik (piano), Ingerbright Haker Flatten (bass) and Magnus Broo (trumpet). The quintet music is extraordinary, innovative and creative. The high variety of music styles, expressions and other elements are masterfully combined in this ensemble compositions. Since 2001, the quintet had released many great and modern albums which have very dynamic, innovative and modern sound of free jazz. All musicians of the ensemble are famous experimental jazz masters which are collaborating and playing with many other great jazz experimentators. The quintet demonstrates innovative, dynamic and extraordinary experimental jazz.

The album has 6 compositions. All of them are very different from each other. Experimental jazz styles and basic elements are combined with other music styles. Free, sharp and rigorous collective improvisations are full of virtuosic trumpet, saxophone and piano solos, sharp and colorful harmony, dynamic rhytmic played by bass and drums. These are the main elements of the compositions. Memorable and expressive reeds melodies combined with subtle piano solos are also heard very much. The improvisations are based on contrasts – after rigorous and expressive collective improvisations there suddenly comes silent episodes with long piano or saxophone solo improvisations and static rhytmic. The musicians try out many different musical expressions and playing techniques. That is the main source of innovative and expressive sound of all compositions. Sound experiments, special effects and other musical experiments also are important part of improvisations. Virtuosic and expressive playing, the high variety of jazz styles and elements, contrasting elements masterfully combined together and many other elements make the innovative and expressive sound of this album.


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