Meridian Trio – “Triangulum” (Clean Feed, 2017)

“Triangulum” – it’s a new album released by “Clean Feed Records” this year. Album was recorded by “Meridian Trio” which is consisted of three talented and creative jazz musicians – Nick Mazzarella (alto saxophone), Matt Ulery (double bass) and Jeremy Cunningham (drums). These musicians had been improvising together many times in the past. “Meridian Trio” is one of the famous avant-garde jazz trio in Chicago jazz scene. They also have concerts and performances with other famous jazz masters. Musicians also have their own ensembles such as “Nick Mazzarella Quintet”, “Loom” and “Jeremy Cunningham Quartet”. The musicians have original and creative playing and improvising style which was formed through the years of creative activity. Their music is free, alive, energetic and very dynamic. Many different music styles and genres are combined in their compositions.

Album has 8 compositions. All of them are based on avant-garde jazz elements. Free, energetic and very dynamic improvisations are full of expressive and memorable melodies, sharp and colorful harmony, musical experiments and high variety of rhytmic elements. These elements are the main objects of the compositions. The most compositions of the album are fast and very contrastic. Avant-garde jazz styles are combined with modern jazz styles and mainstream. After collective improvisations there suddenly comes calm and lyrical episodes. Mainstream, blues, traditional jazz and modern jazz styles elements are also heard in these compositions. Compositions like “Witch Hazel” and etc., are more similar to mainstream and traditional jazz. Calm and simple melodies, static rhytmic and harmony are the main elements of this type compositions. This album is full of contrastic and different compositions which have original, alive, energetic ancd effective sound and high variety of various jazz styles which is masterfully combined together.


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