Nathan Hubbard/Vinny Golia – “Hunter’s Moon” (2017)

“Hunter’s Moon” – it’s a new album which was played by two avant-garde jazz masters – Nathan Hubbard (percussion, field recordings, samples/sound design) and Vinny Golia (alto flute, alto, sopranino, G mezzo soprano saxophones, tubax (contrabass saxophone), Eb, Bb clarinets, basset horn). These two musicians are creative and expressive jazz masters. They had create original and innovative playing and improvising style through the years of creative activity. Virtuosic, creative and innovative playing, musical experiments, ingenious musical decisions and high variety of instruments – these are the main elements of these musicians improvisations. Nathan Hubbard and Vinny Golia had been improvising together many times in the past as a duet or with other famous jazz musicians.

Album has 1 long composition. The high variety of playing techniques, music styles, gebres and sounds are combined in this improvisation. It is based on avant-garde, creative, experimental jazz, but also has some sort of modern jazz styles elements such as bebop or post-bop. There’s also heard many elements of electronic music, contemporary academical music, field recordings and experimental music. Both musicians try out many different and extended playing techniques which makes a high variety of strange and unheard sounds and timbres. Creative and innovative musical experiments, smart and surprising musical decisions and musical expressions also are the main elements of composition. Improvisations are full of contrasts – here acoustic elements and melodies are masterfully combined with electronics, computer sounds and field recordings. Even though those music elements are completely different from each other they are very well combined in one composition. Musicians creative and innovative playing, high variety of music styles and elements make effective and original sound of this album.




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