Jason Kao Hwang​ – “Sing House” (2017)

“Sing House” – it’s the newest album recorded by avant – garde jazz violinist Jason Kao Hwang. The violinist, composer, band leader Jason Kao Hwang had been recorded many albums in the past. He combines many different music styles and genres, various countries folk melodies, modern academic music and other elements. The newest album Jason Kao Hwang (violin, viola) recorded with Andrew Drury (drum set), Ken Filiano (string bass), Chris Forbes (piano) and Steve Swell (trombone). All these musicians are famous and talented experimental jazz masters. Innovative, original and modern musical decisions and creative musical experiments are the basic of their music. Through long years of creative activity, the musicians had create their own improvising style.

Album has 4 compositions. All compositions are based on avant-garde jazz elements. Free and rigorous collective improvisations, musical experiments, innovative and modern musical decisions brings to this album original and effective sound. Melodies of violin and viola, energetic and active trombone solos, virtuosic and sharp piano improvisations and dynamic rhytmic are masterfully combined in these compositions. Avant-garde jazz elements are also twisted with modern academical music, bebop, post-bop, other modern jazz styles. European music traditions and Asia countries folk melodies are also heard in these improvisations. These improvisations are full of unexpected stylistical waves, surprises and innovative playing techniques. The musicians try out many different playing techniques and search out for new – strange, peculiar and unheard sounds. The high variety of timbres, sounds and playing techniques also effects the basic sound of compositions. Creative and talented playing of avant-garde jazz masters, masterfully different music styles and elements combination and many other things brings effective and original sound to this album


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