Mike Caratti/Rachel Musson/Steve Beresford – “Hesitantly Pleasant” (Iluso Records, 2017)

“Hesitantly Pleasant” – it’s a new album played by three professional avant-garde jazz improvisers and released by “Iluso Records”. This album had been played by Mike Caratti (drums and percussion), Rachel Musson (saxophones) and Steve Beresford (piano and electronics). All three musicians are famous avant-garde jazz masters. Through the years of creative activity they had been collaborated many times with other famous jazz musicians – John Zorn, Han Bennink, Mary Halvorson, Alex Ward’s Quintet, Derek Bailey and many others. The music played by these musicians has remarkable, experimental and interesting sound.

The album has 7 compositions. All compositions are free and creative collective improvisations in which all musicians can experiment with all music elements. The highest attention is paid to create  strange, innovative and interesting sound of all improvisations. Saxophone melodies full of virtuosic elements, pasages and other virtuosic elements, dynamic rhytmic, remarkable and expressive solos by all musicians, high variety of different music elements – these are the main elements of all compositions. Avant-garde jazz is combined with various modern jazz styles such as bebop and post bop. There’s also heard a little of traditional jazz elements from time to time. The character and mood of the compositions is very dynamic – after wild, rigorous and expressive collective improvisations there suddenly comes calm, silent and slow episodes with many strange and peculiar timbres and single sounds. Acoustic instruments and electronics are masterfully combined in these compositions. The high variety of music styles, free and creative improvisations and many other elements make remarkable and exclusive sound of all compositions.

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