Chamber 4 – “City Of Light” (Clean Feed, 2017)

“City Of Light” – that’s a new album played by famous quartet “Chamber 4”. “Chamber 4” members are famous avant-jazz improvisers and experimentators Theo Ceccaldi (violin and voice), Luis Vicente (trumpet), Valentin Ceccaldi (cello and voice) and Marcelo Dos Reis ( acoustic guitar, prepared guitar and voice). “Chamber 4” musicians had been improvising together for a long time now and recorded many albums which had exclusive and interesting sound. The musicians creatively and free try out various extended playing techniques and sound experiments. Their music always has remarkable and exclusive sound. The newest album had been released by “Clean Feed Records” this year.

Album has 3 compositions. All compositions are based on various music styles and elements which are very different from each other. Free, creative and innovative sound of collective improvisations, dynamic rhytm, subtle and expressive melodies – these are the main elements of all compositions. Just like in various other albums released in the past, musicians demonstrate the creative, masterful and innovative improvising in this album. They try out many different music styles and expressions. Avant-garde jazz here combines with academic music, modern classical, experimental and electronic music elements. There’s also heard some of modern and even traditional jazz styles intonations from time to time. This high variety of music styles and genres are masterfully combined in one composition. Strange noises, peculiar timbres, innovative and extended playing techniques, musical experiments also bring to these compositions interesting and expressive sound. Subtle and virtuosic istruments solos, vocal elements, short and remarkable melodies or strange timbres also are vary important elements of the improvisations. All these elements and masterful playing of musicians bring to this album remarkable, interesting and innovative sound.


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