Mat Maneri/Evan Parker/Lucian Ban – “Sounding Tears” (Clean Feed, 2017)

“Sounding Tears” – a new album played by three famous avant-garde jazz musicians and released by “Clean Feed Records”. Album was played by Mat Maneri (viola), Evan Parker (tenor and soprano saxophones) and Lucian Ban (piano). All these three jazz musicians are famous for original and creative improvising, innovative and modern musical experiments, professional and masterful playing. The trio music has interesting and modern sound, the musicians search out unheard and strange timbres, try out modern and innovative playing techniques. Their music also has high variety of music styles, masterfully combined with avant-garde jazz and various modern jazz styles.

Album has 10 compositions. All compositions have interesting and subtle sound. There are many various music styles and genres which elements are combined together in one composition. The musicians pay high attention to create a different and original sound. They try out various extended playing techniques and sound experiments. Unexpected stylistic waves, strange timbres, extended playing techniques and collective improvisations with creative and original musical experiments of all trio members make original and subtle sound of compositions. The avant-garde jazz and some of bebop, post-bop and other modern jazz styles are combined together. There’s also heard some elements of modern classical music, avant-garde, electronic music and other contemporary music styles. Slow tempo, subtle and calm sound, various timbres and strange sounds are the main basic of all compositions. Even though sometimes it’s too slow or too calm, all the compositions of this album have remarkable, exclusive and original sound.


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