Alarm Will Sound & Meet the Composer – “Splitting Adams” (Cantaloupe, 2017)

Alarm Will Sound & Meet the Composer – Splitting Adams

“Splitting Adams” – it’s a new album dedicated for one of the most famous American composers John Adams. The album was recorded by famous chamber ensemble “Alarm Will Sound”. This ensemble is one of the most famous contemporary music collectives in the world. The collective mostly plays the contemporary music and avant-garde written by contemporary music composers. They also recorded many wonderful and exclusive sound interpretations of famous composers of 20th century. Their music has exclusive and effective sound, interesting harmony and instrumentation. “Alarm Will Sound” also try out many different music playing techniques, novatoric and evocative musical expressions and also high variety of music styles. The album “Splitting Adams” is an exclusive and original set of compositions written by John Adams. Album had been released by “Cantaloupe Music”.

Album has 8 compositions. All of them are exclusive arrangaments of famous symphonic compositions composed by John Adams – “Chamber Symphony” (1992) and “Son of the Chamber Symphony” (2007). All compositions of this album are based on these compositions and have a remarkable and original sound. Compositions have colorful instrumentation, interesting and contrasting harmony, dynamic rhytmic and polyphonic facture. Different melodies full of virtuosic elements, high variety of modern musical expressions and styles are also the main elements of compositions. Musicians not just play the compositions by John Adams, but they also play it in a different way – these compositions sound extremely exclusive, evocative and original. The music is full of contrasts – after fast, loud and dynamic episodes and expressive melodies follows silent and calm melodies. So this music is combined by many different music elements and episodes. The high variety of music elements and styles, virtuosic, glamurous and professional  playing, innovative musical expressions bring to this album original and exclusive sound.


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