Akropolis Reed Quintet – “The Space Between Us” (Innova, 2017)

Akropolis Reed Quintet: The Space Between Us

“The Space Between Us” – it’s a new modern music album released by “Innova Records”. Album had been played by “Akropolis Reed Quintet”. “Akropolis Reed Quintet” is chamber music ensemble which mostly play music wrtitten by contemporary music composers. The music of the ensemble has exclusive, evocative and novatoric sound. The musicians try out many different playing techniques and modern instrumentation. “Akropolis Reed Quintet” was formed in 2009. Since then, the ensemble became famous all over the world for modern, evocative and expressive compositions.

Album has 11 compositions. These compositions were composed by Jacob TV, David Biedenbender, Rob Deemer, Gregory Wanamaker and John Steinmetz. All these compositions are very different from each other. Album starts with “Jesus Is Coming”. The first composition of the album combines traditional instrumentals and various elements of speech, bamble, also electronic and computer music elements. Other compositions of the album are also very contrasting against each other. Various electronics, sound effects, computer sounds are put against virtuosic solos of various acoustic instruments, slow and soft melodies, dynamic or static rhytmic, various vocal elements. The music of this album is very dynamic and has effective and interesting sound. The high variety of music elements, many different and extended playing techniques, talented and creative musicians also are very important basics for exclusive and innovative sound of all compositions. Each composition has it’s own and original sound, different style and other music language elements. The “Akropolis Reed Quintet” played all the compositions very dynamic and proffessional – sometimes their music sounds very soft and calm, sometimes – modern, aggressive, sharp and rigorous. Virtuosic and creative playing, high variety of music styles, masterful combining of electronics and traditional instruments and many other things make this set of compositions an exclusive, modern and effective sound album.


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