Fernando Benadon – “delight​/​delirium” (New Focus Recordings, 2017)

“delight/delirium”- it’s a new album from Fernando Benadon. Composer, improviser, saxophonist and teacher Fernando Benadon puts different styles of music in his compositions. The new album had been recorded live in different places and played by various musicians. Music of Fernando Benadon combines together traditional jazz, some of avant-garde jazz elements, modern classical music and free improvisations. Composer pays high attention to different – expressive, active and effective – sound. His music also is very dynamic and full of stylistic waves and contrasts. Album had been released this year by “New Focus Recordings”.

Album has 5 compositions. All of them are different from each other. From small piano works based on traditional jazz styles to large ensemble works which are similar to great avant-jazz improvisers. This music is full of high variety of music elements, dynamics, has professional and colorful instrumentation. Soft piano and saxophone solos or duets, static rhytmic and many virtuosic elements are the basics of “Cobex” and “delight/delirium”. These two compositions sounds calmly, softly and static. Other three compositions “Cosmicomics”, “Bugi Wugi” and “Rhytmensional” are dedicated for large ensembles. “Cosmicomics” is based on post-modern music traditions and elements. It’s a composition for large ensemble, have interesting, modern and colorful orchestration and harmony, many strange timbres and sounds. Post-modernism and neoromantism elements combine together in this composition. “Bugi Wugi” is absolutely different from “Cosmicomics”. It’s based on boogie – woogie and other traditional jazz styles. Static rhytmic, expressive piano solos, simple harmony and virtuosic elements – that’s the basic of this composition. Composition sounds delightful, expressive and traditional. The final composition “Rhytmensional” is a typical work for experimental jazz ensemble. Free, colorful, powerful and wild collective improvisation has very interesting and evocative sound. Creative and rigorous solos of the musicians, dynamic rhytmic, expressive melodies full of virtuosic elements and modern musical expressions, strange timbres and sound experiments. All these elements make this composition interesting, free and conceptual composition based on avant-jazz elements. So this album is like a retrospective which each composition is dedicated for different styles and genres of music and all compositions of the album have intersting, expressive and modern sound.


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