Eivind Opsvik – “Overseas V” (Royal Label, 2017)

“Overseas V” – it’s a new album played by Eivind Opsvik and his ensemble and released by “Royal Label” in March. That’s the fifth album from double bass player Eivind Opsvik. The album had been played by Eivind Opsvik (double bass, analog bass synthesizer, oberheim drum machine, hand claps), Brandon Seabrook (electric guitar), Tony Malaby (tenor saxophone), Kenny Wollesen ( drums and percussion, rhythm ace drum machine, hand claps) and Jacob Sacks (piano, rmi rock-si-chord organ). All these musicians are talented and famous jazz musicians. They also have original playing style and expressive, creative and novatoric improvising style. Music of this ensemble is unpredictable, modern and creative.

Album has 9 compositions. All of them are very energetic, powerful, sometimes even rigorous and aggressive sound. Virtuosic and dynamic tenor saxophone solos, free and expressive piano melodies, electric guitar solos which bringsrock music elements to the compositions, dynamic and active rhytmic and special effetcs – that’s the basic elements of these compositions. Rhytmic and melodic bases both are very dynamic and active. The most melodies are full of virtuosic elements, there also is high variety of extended and original playing techniques and sound effects. All the compositions have interesting harmony – various sound chords are combined together. Although these compositions are based on avant-garde jazz music elements, there also heard various elements of rock music. Powerful, active, rigorous and energetic collective improvisations, unheard and strange timbres, sound experiments and high variety of various styles of music brings to this album original and interesting sound.


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