Samo Salamon Sextet – “The Colours Suite” (Clean Feed, 2017)

CF414CD 600

“The Colours Suite” – it’s a new album played by “Samo Salamon Sextet” and released this year by “Clean Feed Records”. “Samo Salamon Sextet” members are Achille Succi (bass clarinet), Julian Arguelles (tenor, soprano saxophones), Samo Salamon (guitar), Pascal Niggenkemper (bass), Roberto Dani and Christian Lillinger  (drums). All these musicians had been improvising together many times in the past. Music played by this sextet is full of different European countries – Germany, Italy, France and UK – national music elements and intonations. All the musicians have different and original playing style. Their improvisations have expressive solos, evocative and powerful episodes and high variety of different music styles combined together. The compositions of this album had been live recorded in “Ljubljana Jazz Festival”.

Album has 8 compositions. All of them are dedicated to one color and are very different from each other. Avant – garde jazz, bebop, some styles of traditional jazz and various European countries music are gently combined in these compositions. Contrasts and various styles are the basics of compositions – powerful and very fast reeds and guitar solos, dynamic rhytmic, drum rolls, some sorts of percussion elements combine with subtle, slow and melancholic episodes. There are compositions which have very expressive melodies and dynamic rhytm (“Yellow”, “Red” and others). These compositions are collective improvisations there musicians also try out many different playing techniques, search new and weird timbres and musical experiments. But there also are compositions which basics are separate sounds, strange timbres, short melody elements. This sort of compositions also has very interesting sound because of high variety of harmonies, rhytms and other music elements. This album is full of many different styles of music, combines high variety of music elements and have effective, original and interesting sound.


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