BRASS MASK – “Live” (Babel Label, 2017)

The album “Live” had been released this year by record company “Babel Label”. This album was played by ensemble “Brass Mask”, which members are band leader Tom Challanger (tenor sax, composer), Rory Simmons (trumpet), Alex Bonney (trumpet), Nathaniel Cross (trombone), Geirge Crowley (tenor sax), Theon Cross (tuba), Dan Nichols (organ, percussion), John Blease (drums) and Jon Scott (percussion). Music played by this ensemble has a remarkable, modern and expressive sound. All musicians have original improvising style, had been played in many projects and concerts with other famous avant-garde jazz masters. Musical experiments, strange noises and various melodies are the basics of compositions played by this ensemble.

Album have 8 compositions. All of them have a remarkable and exclusive sound. Energetic and effective melodies, dynamic rhytmic, strange noises, masterful instrumentation full of various modern music elements – that’s the basic of compositions. The musicians are improvising very energetic, putting together elements which contrasting with each other. Their melodies are expressive, fast and full of many virtuosic pasages and other elements. They also paying much attention to unheard, novatoric and original sound – that’s why they try out many different playing techniques and musical expressions. Tenor sax, trumpets and trombones solos, subtle and static tuba, dynamic drums and high variety of percussion instruments gently combines with organ and various electronic music elements. All these elements combined together makes compositions sound expressive, powerful, effective and novatoric.


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