Stephan Crump, Ingrid Laubrock and Cory Smythe – “Planktonic Finales’ (Intakt, 2017)

“Planktonic Finales” – that’s a new album played by three great avant-garde jazz experimentators. Album compositions were played by Stephan Crump (bass), Ingrid Laubrock (saxophone) and Cory Smythe (piano). These musicians had been collaborated many times in the past. Their performanses, collective improvisations had evocative, interesting and original sound. Stephan Crump and Ingrid Laubrock had been released several albums in 2016. Ingrid Laubrock albums “Ubatuba” and “Serpentines” are full of unexpected styles, sounds and musical experiments. All three musicians are very famous in avant-garde jazz scena. They are famous for original sounds, free, creative and wild improvisations, and novatoric playing technique.

Album consists of 11 compositions. All of them have interesting sound and are combined of various music elements. The variety of rhytm, fast and rigorous saxophone and piano melodies, various novatoric musical effects, unusual sounds and timbres and expressive melodies – that’s the main elements of compositions. Improvisations are very different from each other – some of them are slow, soft and subtle sounds with melancholic saxophone solos and bass melodies. After them there are fast, sharp and rigorous collective improvisations there musicians try out various extended playing techniques and search new, unheard timbres and sounds. Stephan Crump bass improvisations have the high variety of music elements. These improvisations are full of contrasts. Musician improvises masterfully and cobines the high variety of rhytms, timbres, sounds and melodies. Saxophonist Ingrid Laubrock improvisations are wonderful – just like in other albums, she plays creatively, bravely try out new and novatoric playing techniques and other elements. Her improvisations sometimes are sharp, rigorous and fast and sometimes- silent, mysterious and melancholic. Pianist Cory Smythe improvisations give  the harmonic and melodic basic to the compositions. The harmony of the compositions is very modern and novatoric, full of many different accords and sounds. The musician improvises very virtuosic, emotional and expressive – the improvisations gently combined with other instruments sounds. Talented jazz musicians, expressive and novatoric playing, the best quality of sounds and high variety of music elements give us very good and interesting album.


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