Rob Mazurek – “Chants And Corners” (Clean Feed, 2017)

CF416CD 600

“Chants And Corners” is a new album played by composer, free jazz improviser and cornetist Rob Mazurek and his ensemble. Compositions of the album were played by Rob Mazurek (modular synth, sampler, cornet, piano on Android Sun), Mauricio Takara (drums), Guilherme Granado  (keyboards, synth, sampler, electronics), Thomas Rohrer  (rabeca, flutes, soprano saxophone, electronics) and Philip Somervell  (piano, prepared piano). All these musicians are talented and creative avant-garde jazz improvisers. They also have original, evocative and masterful playing techniques, improvising style and are collaborating with other famous jazz masters. Their music has unpredictable, strange, modern and dynamic sound. Electronics, special sound effects and other elements are the basic of all compositions played by this ensemble.

“Chants And Corners” consists of 9 compositions. All of them are based on brave and novatoric musical experiments, strange noises, timbres and sounds, free musical form and high variety of music styles. Improvisations by musicians are very variable and dynamic – very fast and virtuosic solos, melodic and subtle saxophone and cornet episodes, drum rolls, various percussion elements are combined with electronics, computer effects and other modern music elements. The musicians try out many different playing techniques, they also combine various musical styles in one composition. Avant-garde jazz, creative, free jazz, bebop and other jazz styles are gently and subtly combined with Brazilian music elements. Sounds of traditional instruments, Brazilian folk songs melodies, rhytm and other music elements organic and subtle combine with experimental jazz elements. Japan and other Asia countries music elements are also used in compositions of this album. High variety of music styles, masterful and talented jazz masters, creative musical experiments and wonderful combination of acoustic and electronic sounds give this album a novatoric, effective and dynamic sound.


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